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Special Location

God's Cottage Prayer Centre is located 100 metres from the entrance to the ancient monastic city of Glendalough. This location makes it ideal for individuals and groups who desire to combine a visit to the sacred ruins with a period of prayer.

The ancient monastic city includes St. Kevin's Church, popularly known as Kevin's Kitchen, the walls of the ancient Cathedral, the High Cross, the Round Tower, the foundations of St. Ciaran's Church, and the walls of what is now called 'the Priest's House', a little building that once housed the relics of St. Kevin.

A brisk twenty minutes walk to the Upper Lake, by the pathway known as the Green Road, brings one to the remains of Reefert Church and to the remains of St. Kevin's Cell. There is something very spiritual about Reefert Church, as if the very stones have been sanctified. The remains St. Kevin's Cell are also a most special place to pray.

A brisk twenty minute walk in the opposite direction along the Green Road brings one to St. Saviour's Church where St. Laurence O Toole was abbot. A brisk five minute walk from God's Cottage Prayer Centre by the public road, then in through a field by way of a style, is the walls of St. Mary's Church. Few people visit here, giving one the opportunity for solitude. The remains of Trinity Church are beside the public road on the way into Glendalough.

Glendalough is also a Walkers' Paradise, with walks ranging from those on the level to mountain climbs along established pathways.

The booklet, "Glendalough the Pilgrim's Guide" by Fr. Thady Doyle, which is available in God's Cottage for just 1.50, enables one to make a prayerful journey to all the sacred sites, and also gives a list of key walks.

The Book "St. Kevin and the true story of Glendalough" costs just €5 in God's Cottage.


Enchanting Glendalough

"Enchanting Glendalough"


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