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St. Kevin Products

St. Kevin and The True Story of Glendalough by Fr. Thaddeus Doyle

This book includes

A special chapter with all you need to know to lead a group pilgrimage in Glendalough;

The truth about the story of St. Kevin and the young lady;

A full analysis of the legend of St. Kevin and the Glendalough Lake Monster;

The debunking of many common misconceptions about St. Kevin and about the Glendalough monastery;

The translation of the Latin 'Life of St. Kevin into English, complete with a commentary on same;

The first ever indepth analysis of the Irish metrical 'Life of St. Kevin' showing how it was written by up to seven different writers over a period of 700 years, thus giving us a valuable insight ino life in Glendalough over this period;

The first ever indepth analysis of the three Irish 'Lives of St. Kevin' and how they relate to each other.

This book is available in God's Cottage at just 5.00 euro per copy. By post it costs 7.50 euro for one copy posted to Irish addresses, Great Britain 9.00 euro (8.00), Airmail: 1 copy 9.50 euro (8.50). Please make cheques payable to Fr. T. Doyle and post to The Curate's Diary, Shillelagh, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.


Glendalough The Pilgrim's Guide by Fr. Thaddeus Doyle


Glendalough was once one of the four main places of pilgrimage in Ireland. I myself have been going there as a pilgrim for over thirty years. Not merely have I visited it more often than I have visited all the other pilgrimage destinations combined, but I have visited it more often as a pilgrim, than I have visited any other place on the face of the earth for any reason. I absolutely love it, and going there has played an important role in my own walk with Jesus.

It is a place of immense natural beauty, and of infinite cariety. The very earth has been made sacred by St. Kevin, St. Laurence O'Toole and a host of other saints, male and female, who truly fell in love with God and lived for Him in this sanctified place.

This booklet, in which I draw not just from the history books, but also from my own many pilgrimages and hours of prayer there, is designed to help you to be touched by God's love in this special place - or even as you read the booklet if you can't visit Glendalough.

This booklet, costs just €1.50 in God’s Cottage or is available by post for €3.50 to Irish addresses. For bulk orders of “Glendalough – the Pilgrim’s Guide” see www.jesuspowerministries.org.For posting to Great Britain 1 copy 5.50, any 2 for 7.00, any 4 for 11.00 and for posting to all other countries: 1 copy 5.50 euro (5.00); 2 or more 7.00 euro each (6.00); 4 for 11.50 euro (10.50).

Please please pay by cheque, draft, or postal order, and send your order to: The Curate’s Diary, Shillelagh, Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


God’s Cottage stocks a wide range of Christian books and objects. We also have a wide range of St. Kevin items


St Kevin medals are just 0.80 each. If ordering by post from the Curate's Diary office, Shillelagh, Arklow, Co Wicklow, please add in for postage.

St Kevin Plaques are €3.70 euro each, or by post from the Curate's Diary, €4.50 each Ireland, or €5.00 euro the rest of the world.

We have A4 size and A3 size laminated picture posters of St. Kevin based on the painting of St. Kevin by Sr. Marie Paul. The A4 picture poster cost €4 and is available by post for €6.00. The A3 size poster costs €7.50 in God’s Cottage, but we don’t yet know the cost of posting it. We also have A3 and A4 laminated poster pictures of the photo “Enchanting Glendalough” by Fr. Thady Doyle for the same price.

We also have St. Kevin holy water bottles and St. Kevin candles on sale in God's Cottage

We also have a unique set of 16 A6 size postcards of Glendalough using photos taken by Fr. Thady Doyle, and a set of 8 A5 size postcards of Glendalough again using photos taken by Fr. Thady Doyle. To order them by post to an Irish address, the set of 8 A5 postcards cost €5, and by post the set of 16 A6 postcards cost €7.




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