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Coming Events

Please note that as God's Cottage Prayer Centre can seat less than 60, it will be necessary to operate a booking system for somet events. This applies especially to pilgrimage-retreats and other longer events.

For comfort, places will usually be limited to 60. One can book by phoning 0404 45111 during opening hours. (See opening hours on home page

See Weather Protocols at the bottom of the page


Note: For all groups in God's Cottage, I am currently using elements of the Spirit Powered Life, how to become open to having Jesus live within you, and then how to draw strength from Him to face the issues of daily life.

Also note that groups often change their date, so if planning to join them, phone God's Cottage first, 0404 45111

Stand and Confessions at the Divine Mercy Conference, Saturday - Sunday, 22nd -23rd February.
March Mass for Healing,
Wed 4th March, 7.30 with anointing of sick. God's Cottage, Glendalough, Exposition, Confessions 7.00.
St Patrick's Day, God's Cottage. Annivarsary of Opening Rosary 1.30; Afternoon of Intercession for the reconversion of Ireland and
for God's Blessing on our families 2.00 - 4.30 concluding with Mass.
April Mass for Healing,
Wed 1st April, 7.30, with anointing of sick, God's Cottage, Glendalough,  Exposition and Confessions 7.00.
Official Opening of Bible Chapel and Patron's Coffee Dock Sunday 5th April, 3.00 pm
"Listening to the voice of Jesus - the only path to Christian unity." including talk by the Rev Cathy Hallissey, Church of Ireland.
See also P. 17 of Diary

Email Alerts re events in God's Cottage
We are happy to send email alerts of events happening in God's Cottage to those who supply their email address.
Emails to godscottage@eircom.net.

Weather Protocols

In the event of a Red weather warning for rain, snow, ice or wind, God's Cottage will remain closed for the duration of the red warning.

In the even of an Amber weather warning for rain, God's Cottage will most likely remain closed during the amber warning, as the road and parking area just outside the entrance to God's Cottage is vulnerable to severe flooding. In the event of an Amber warning for snow or ice, the situation will be evaluated with a strong likelihood that God's Cottage will remain closed, especially as 3 of our assistants live a considerable distance from God's Cottage. Phone God's Cottage at 0404 45111, to check if it is open.

In the event of a Yellow weather warning for rain, if it becomes obvious that the river is likely to flood onto the road, God's Cottage will close. This only happens during a yellow warning if there is persistent rain over many hours.

Seating at events in God's Cottage

Because of the number who booked and failed to turn up at recent events in God's Cottage, in future seating will be on a first come basis so long as one has booked.

There are normally a few places for people to join groups in God's Cottage. To check if there is and to book a place, phone God's Cottage 0404-45111.

St. Kevin's Cell

"St Kevin's Cell, a special place to pray."

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