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Coming Events

God's Cottage, The Bible Chapel and the Coffee Dock Coming Events and Opening Hours.

Dear Friends of St. Kevin
God's Cottage has remained open during the lock-down on Saturdays and Sundays - our sincere thanks to Ellie and Aidan for same.

It is now fully open and will be open daily except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Opening hours 10.00 to 4.00 pm

On Sunday afternoons for the moment, we will have Rosary at 1.45 in God's Cottage. Then time for private prayer. Then Mass at 3.00 in the Bible Chapel/Coffee Dock. We have a new amplification system installed in it, with a speaker facing out over the yard so it will even be possible for people to stay in their cars, and a second speaker facing out on the bank over the river from where it will be possible for some people to look in.

We do request that all comers respect both social distancing and wear a mask.

Sincere thanks for your ongoing support
Fr. Thady



Pilgrims' Relaxation Area

Our new self-service Pilgrims' Relaxation Area with its tea/coffee dock and where patrons are welcome to bring their own grub provides an ideal location for the spiritually minded to relax.

There are tables both inside and outside, and the opportunity for good social distancing. People are asked to allow a minimum of 2 metres

It is our desire that everyone both be safe and feel safe.

As well as packed lunches, people are welcome to bring their own flasks though tea/coffee making facilities are available - and ingredients.

There is a small cover charge of 2.00 euro per person for the use of the relaxation area facilities. Includes for 1 mug of tea/coffee per

Alcohol not permitted, nor the use of disposable barbecues.


When To Stay At Home
If you are feeling in any way unwell with symptoms similar to the Covid symptoms, it is best to stay at home.

If you have a cold and especially if you are sneezing or coughing, stay at home. You may be 100% sure that is a simple cold that you have, but others
will fear that you have Covid.

If you start coughing
It sometimes happens in Church that a person's throat starts to tickle. If it is going to cause you to start coughing step outside

Assistant Needed

One of our assistants in God's Cottage is on sick leave which has the potential to be longterm.

We currently have a sub for two of the three days she was covering, but we need a sub for the third day
There is a small wage.

Applications to Fr. T Doyle, Shillelagh, Arklow, Co Wicklow

Email Alerts re events in God's Cottage

We are happy to send email alerts of events happening in God's Cottage to those who supply their email address.
Emails to fr@glendaloughprayercentre.org

Weather Protocols

In the event of a Red weather warning for rain, snow, ice or wind, God's Cottage will remain closed for the duration of the red warning.

In the even of an Amber weather warning for rain, God's Cottage will most likely remain closed during the amber warning, as the road and parking area just outside the entrance to God's Cottage is vulnerable to severe flooding. In the event of an Amber warning for snow or ice, the situation will be evaluated with a strong likelihood that God's Cottage will remain closed, especially as 3 of our assistants live a considerable distance from God's Cottage. Phone God's Cottage at 0404 45111, to check if it is open.

In the event of a Yellow weather warning for rain, if it becomes obvious that the river is likely to flood onto the road, God's Cottage will close. This only happens during a yellow warning if there is persistent rain over many hours.

Seating at events in God's Cottage

Because of the number who booked and failed to turn up at recent events in God's Cottage, in future seating will be on a first come basis so long as one has booked.

There are normally a few places for people to join groups in God's Cottage. To check if there is and to book a place, phone God's Cottage 0404-45111.

St. Kevin's Cell

"St Kevin's Cell, a special place to pray."

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