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Fabulous Book Offers - Books That Could Change Your Life

Orders for books should be posted to Fr. T Doyle, Shillelagh, Arklow, Co Wicklow. Cheque or postal order made out to God's Cottage (though if made out to Fr T. Doyle that is okay) Or payment by bank transfer God's Cottage Charitable Trust, BIC BOFIIE2DXXX. IBAN IE45BOFI90667046590368.

Or payment by credit card - phone 0404 45111, but please do not expect the assistant to know the details of all the offers on this page or what price your order is coming to for items on this page. You will need to work that out first yourself.

"Tortured For Christ"

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand spent a total of 14 years in prison in Communist Romania, and suffered horrific tortures.  His wife was also imprisoned. Their young son was left with no one to look after him, it being a crime to help children of those in prison. Several members of his family were murdered.  Yet he learned to "love your enemies."

He says, "It was in prison that we found the hope of salvation for the Communists.  It was there that we developed a sense of responsibility toward them.  It was in being tortured by them that we learned to love them.
"A great part of my family was murdered.  It was in my own house that their murderer was converted.
"It was also the most suitable place.  So in Communist prisons the idea of a Christian mission to the Communists was born.
"God sees things differently than we see them. .....
"From the human point of view, to be tied to a cross and smeared with excrement is a horrible thing.  Nonetheless, the Bible calls the sufferings of martyrs "light afflictions."
"To be in prison for fourteen years is a long period to us.  The Bible calls it 'but for a moment.'
"It tells us that these things are "working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory" (2 Corinthians 4:17).
"This gives us the right to suppose that the fierce crimes of the Communists, which are inexcusable to us, are lighter in the eyes of God than they are in our eyes.  Their tyranny, which has lasted almost an entire century, may be before God, for whom a thousand years are like one day, only a moment of erring astray.  They still have the possibility of being saved.
"The gates of heaven are not closed for the Communists.  Neither is the light quenched for them.
They can repent like everyone else.  And we must call them to repentance.
Only love can change the Communist and the terrorist (a love that must be clearly distinguished from compromise with non-Christian philosophies, practised by many church leaders).  Hatred blinds.  Hitler was an anti-Communist, but one who hated.  Therefore, instead of conquering them, he helped them win one-third of the world.
With love we planned a missionary work among the Communists in prison.  And thereby we thought first of all about the Communist rulers."

An extract from "Tortured for Christ" by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.
I would love for every person who campaigns for Christian values to read the FIRST HALF of this book.
And I would also love for those who do not campaign for Christian values to read it.

Official price $19.99 but in God's Cottage for  €14.90.  By post from Curate's Diary €18.30  Irl & NI. 6 copies only left and no more coming ! (To get a number of books by courier see below)

"Love Casts Out Fear"

When Nathan was just 6, he was holding his father's hand when there was a Jihadist attack. His father was shot dead. Nathan grew up dreaming of revenge.  Then he met Jesus, and became a pastor with a passionate desire to promote peace between Christians and Muslims. The full story is in his book,"Love Casts Out Fear". While the first couple of chapters are 'slow', I found the rest of the book riveting.  Official price $14.99 but in God's Cottage for €11.50.  By post from Curate's Diary €14.00, Irl & NI (To get a number of books by courier see below)


As a teenager during the Rwandan genocide was ordered to kill a group of prisoners.  He refused.  Then they hacked off his hands, and left him to bleed to death.   Somehow he survived. Forgiving those who hacked off his hands, he has become an advocate for peace and for those with disabilities.
Official price $19.99 but in God's Cottage for €11.50.  By post from Curate's Diary €15.40. Irl & NI. (To get a number of books by courier see below)

Our relationship with Muslims

"Muslims, Christians and Jews"

"Understanding the world of Islam and overcoming the fears that divide us." It is right that Christians be aware of all that is wrong with Islam, but it is equally important that we be able to live in peace with Muslims.  This book by Carl Medearis is excellent on that. Official price $14.99 but in God's Cottage for  €12.90.  By post from Curate's Diary €16.30, Ireland& NI. (To get a number of books by courier see below)

Books About Angels

"Angels "God's Supernatural Agents

"Biblical Insights and True Stories of Angelic Encounters" By Ed Rocha.Another very inspiring book. on angels.
Official price $13.99 but in God's Cottage for €10.90.  By post from Curate's Diary €13.50.  Irl & NI (To get a number of books by courier see below)

"Encountering Angels

"True stories of how the touch our lives every day." By Judith McNutt
Official price $13.99 but in God's Cottage for €11.90.  By post from Curate's Diary €13.50. Irl & NI. (To get a number of books by courier see below)

Heavenly Experiences

"Touched by HEAVEN"

Nancy Ravenhill was just five, and hiding in her room from an abusive father, when she claims Jesus first appeared to her, the first of a lifetime of such experiences, she claims.
Official price $12.99 but in God's Cottage for €10.90.  By post from Curate's Diary €13.40, Irl & NI (To get a number of books by courier see below)

Books about those with special needs

"Bella's Gift"

Bella suffered from Trisomy 18. She could be said to have had a "fatal fetal abnormality". Thankfully she was given the chance to live.  This inspiring book by Rick and Karen Santorum tells the story of how Bella has changed their lives and family.  A most inspiring book for anyone with a special needs child.  Official price $24.99 but in God's Cottage for €14.90.  By COURIER from Curate's Diary €19.40 Irl & NI . (To large to send by An Post) (To get a number of books by courier see below)

Near Death Experiences books

"My glimpse of eternity" by Betty Malz

Betty was on Death's Door for week kept alive by life support machines. Then she was declared dead and the life support machines were removed, but 28 minutes later she was alive again without the need for life support machines. Where was she for those 28 minutes and what did she experience?

In God's Cottage for 11.90 euro. By Post from Curate's Diary office, Shillelagh, Arklow, Co Wicklow, for 14.40 euro Ireland or 16.50 euro outside Ireland. (To get a number of books by courier see below)


"I want to go to Heaven the moment I die"

by Fr. Thady Doyle. I this book I analysed a range of people's near death experiences ranging from those who loved God to those who had rejected Him, and several others who either did not believe He existed or else had serious issues. Then I hold before people steps that will guarantee that they go to Heaven the moment they did. Official price 6.50 euro, but in God's Cottage for 5 euro, or can be got by post from the Curate's Diary office, Shillelagh Arklow, Co Wicklow for 7.50 euro Ireland or 9.50 euro outside Ireland


Half Price Books or Better

“Let’s Pretend We Are Normal "

Tricia and Rob Williford were a young married couple when Rob got the flu. As his symptoms were severe, they brought him to hospital. The doctors gave him a prescription for flu medication and sent him home. By morning he was dead. Tricia tells the full story in her book “And life comes back.” We do have about six copies, but it’s not in our half price basket.

Later she wrote a second book, “Let’s Pretend We Are Normal.” The subtitle is “Adventures in rediscovering how to be a family.” The “Let’s pretend we are normal” is really let’s pretend we are a normal family even though she is now a young widowed single mom to two young boys; learning to be father and mother to her boys.

One morning her son Tyler aged 7 asked, “Mommy, is a spleen a private part?”

I don’t have to wonder what prompted the question. Tyler knows that Robb had his spleen removed after a sledding accident when he was fifteen. The spleen’s job is to fight strep and staph infections, so Rob didn’t stand a chance against the septic infection that flooded his bloodstream. He didn’t have a spleen, and that eventually took his life.

I kneel down to answer Tyler, rubbing small circles on the back of his jammies. “No, honey, it’s not. Your spleen is like your stomach or your kidneys – it’s tucked inside your body. You can’t see it, and you can’t touch it, but it’s not a private part.”

“Oh ...” . My son pauses.

“Why did you ask, buddy?”

“Because I think ... Well, it’s possible I might have told some people that my dad died because somebody cut off his private parts.”

“No, you didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t”

“I did.”

“Honey, who did you tell?”

“Well, I told Meghan because she sits right beside me. And then I told everyone who sits at my table. And then I told my whole class.”

“You told your whole class?” Oh my goodness.

“I did. I told them that we don’t really like to talk about it, and I asked them not to ask you about it if they see you.”

So let me get this straight. My son told the entire second grade community that my husband died because someone cut off his private parts, and he told them not to verify this information with me? I pictured the scene unfolding in the classroom and my son the center of attention with this golden fabrication that would have everyone talking. And I could only imagine how many children in his class took that story home to their dinner tables and now how many families wondered about “the official cause of death” but didn’t feel comfortable bringing it up since Tyler had said it’s something we don’t like to talk about.”

I will leave you to guess how Tricia responded - or buy the book, and read her efforts to create normal family life for two young boys

The official price of “Let’s pretend we’re normal” is €14.99, but we have it on special offer at €6.95. By post €9.50. (To get a number of books by courier see below)

"Broken Wings"

Sheree had a horrific childhood in London. Her mother walked out, took her younger sister, and left her with her cruel father who abused her physically, mentally and sexually. Life was utterly brutal. She tried to run away, but the police brought her right back. Repeated suicide attempts followed.

Then her father brought her to his native Pakistan and attempted to force her into an arranged marriage. Thankfully she was able to evade it. Back home she was kidnapped and raped.

Then when she got work, her father insisted on taking all her money.

Eventually a boyfriend helped her to escape. But shortly after that, she allowed herself to be lured back to Pakistan. She managed to escape, helped by a mystery lady who accompanied her on the plane and then disappeared. Literally! But having promised he was paying for the trip to Pakistan, her father now demanded he be repaid. The terror began all over again. Then, all the trauma caused by being abused and raped, impacted on her relationship with her boyfriend.

Then a new friend entered her life, and she came to a living relationship to Jesus. Sheree isn't a big name with a big ministry. She is a very ordinary person, who after experiencing a horrific life, came to a living relationship with Jesus and then began to find healing.

Official Price of Broken wings €7.20. Our Price €3.60. By Post €6.20. (To get a number of books by courier see below)

Storm Force

We previously carried the remarkable story of the Rev. Eric Gaudion in the Curate’s Diary. He is truly a modern Job. How do one continue to believe when one has experienced every medical mishap and illness that a person can face?

Official Price of Storm Force is €10.95. Our Price €4.95. By Post €7.50. (To get a number of books by courier see below)

Tears in the Dark

The blurb on the back states, "A dramatic tale of pain and healing, this tells of the gripping life of an abused child and his road to peace. Mark Edwards was a young boy who came close to ending his life after being abandoned by his parents and spending most of his childhood in foster homes. The story relates Mark’s journey into adolescence, the rebellion and escapades in the children’s home, his attempts to cut his wrists and how he contemplated hurling himself under a train. His emotional breakdown resulted in psychiatric care.

The faith and love shown by an elderly pastor set Mark on the road to recovery; see the remarkable transformation from psychiatric patient to father, husband and Anglican priest.

Official price of Tears in the Dark €10.20. Our price €4.95. By post 8.30. (To get a number of books by courier see below)


Books by the visionary Anne, the lay aposlte - On Special Offer

Are her visions coming true?

Anne has produced many books of claimed message which have receeived the imprimatur from her bishop. One set of 10 small books is known as the Volumes. (Volumes 1 to 10) . In Volume 7 there are claimed messages from various saints which warn of the danger that is facing the world at the present time.

“The time of darkness nears. The world has not converted, despite the efforts of many, both in heaven and on earth.

"Souls cling rebelliously to sinful ways and do not even fear God’s justice. They have embraced evil. Brothers and sisters, this world is no longer an appropriate place for God’s children. It is neither safe nor conducive to the school of holiness that each soul must attend to graduate to heaven. Little souls cannot do this here in your world because they are surrounded, literally, by the opposite of holiness.

" I do not wish to tell you about the sins of humanity because there was sin in my day also. I understand that sin exists and that there will always be those who choose the enemy.

"What I am trying to convey to you is that your world has begun to co-exist with sin in such a way that few object anymore.

"You are asleep, children of the world! Where are God’s warriors? Too few have taken up God’s cause in the past, but many will now in these times. Praise God with me, souls of earth, even as He prepares to renew your World.

"In the days of confusion to come, rumors will swirl. Holy souls will be tempted to doubt authentic sites of apparition where graces flow without pause. Children, you must remain true to your calls. Jesus has placed you carefully. Serve Him. You will find yourself struggling with temptations against your missions. You will find yourself mocked.

The world is going to go even further in the direction of anti-God and you will stand out even more starkly against the Godless landscape.

This will not be comfortable for you but you will have complete heavenly assistance and support. Brothers and Sisters, I, Therese, am only one of countless saints who has been commissioned to assist you. You will find us always near and always willing to instruct and console. We will petition the Spirit and obtain the most sublime gifts of wisdom and discernment for you. My dear fellow servants, we are entering the storm, but not without Jesus, our rudder. Children of God should not fear God’s intervention. Given my heavenly knowledge, I assure you that the only fearful thing for this world would be a decision by God to leave it to itself. Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the legion of heavenly soldiers who fight for Christ. You will earn your place in heaven.”

“Dear friends of Heaven, the enemy will not prevail. You know this because you have been told this. At the end of this time, Jesus will return and the earth will be beautiful again.

" Before that, there will be a time when it will appear that the enemy has taken control of the world. The darkness of sin will reign and our beloved Church will suffer even more.

"Followers will face grave and constant attacks for their faith in many areas of the world. They will persevere and set the most beautiful example for others. This will draw others back to the faith in great numbers, so you see, the enemy’s strategy will backfire.

The more God’s enemies persecute His children, the more children will choose God and remain true.

"It has always been this way, sadly. God’s children should serve him faithfully in good times also, but many do not. Many become worldly when the times are easy. Be brave. Your courage will come from heaven and inspire many. We teach you how to prepare and those who take our advice will find that they are calm and able to lead. Heaven will call upon many to lead because during the worst of the troubles, holy souls will be cut off from each other. Leaders will spring up in every area to help holy souls to remain steadfast. How beautiful are these times, when viewed from our perspective. My dear friends, read about our lives. Many saints in heaven faced the greatest of persecutions on earth. We never relied upon ourselves and in that way we become invincible. You will too. The earth will quake during this time and heaven’s responses will be apparent to all, giving the faithful great hope. The enemy’s actions will be met with heavenly retribution. This also will convince many that God is preparing to return and will also bring many back to God. So you see, the enemy cannot win and God will turn everything to the good. It is important that you are aware of the coming events so you will be confident and prepared. My friends, your world is asleep at this time and many doubt God’s presence in the world. I would advise you all to remain alert. You will be glad that you did.”

“There will come a time when the world will seem very dark. You will have little hope that God is going to turn it around and allow His grace to take the earth back. My friends, during this time you will use us. God does everything for the good of His people and it will be important to remember that during the times to come, I do not seek to frighten you but in the eyes of the non-faithful souls it will seem as though God wreaks vengeance.

"In your eyes it will seem that God has forgotten you.

" In the eyes of heaven, the Truth will be that God is preparing to return. The darkest hour truly can come before the dawn and it will be that way during the time of transition. We, heaven’s saints, will be active and aggressive for our kindred spirits on the earth. You will ask us for help. You will get it. We will secure great courage for you. We will help you maintain your faith and your hope. We will even help you with practical matters on occasion. You see that you are being prepared. Well, we are preparing the world, as it were, and not just one soul. And yet we are personally preparing your precious soul. My dearest comrades, you need to do this anyway. Your death could come today and you will be finished.

"We are simply telling you that your world is going to change.

Look closely at your world. Could this possibly be a bad thing? If you think it is, you are not looking with the eyes of Jesus because he is not pleased at the situation in your world today. No. We cannot speak an untruth. Jesus is not pleased. That statement carries the heaviest of weights with it. Truly, all of the anchors in the world could not compare to the weight of that statement. Jesus is not pleased. Your time on earth is limited, regardless of what occurs. Use it to serve.”

“We are happy for you, my brothers and sisters. The time of darkness is both nearing its end and drawing nearer. The difference between the darkness of past times is that in the past you experienced the darkness of sin. The future darkness will be the darkness of purification. Of the two, I would anticipate the latter with greater joy. This is obvious because whatever comes from God’s Hand is for our benefit, whereas anything that comes from the hand of the enemy will work against us and pull us away from Truth. So when you consider the future and you feel the very human impulse to be afraid, remember that God is directing the changes. You cannot fear what comes from God because He will use it for your sanctification.”

The official price of the Volumes is € 7, but while stocks last we are selling them for €5 each, or by post €7.50 (Ire and NI). Rest of world add €2

Our supply of Volume One is not sold out. Two sets of Volumens 2 to 10 still available. One can get them by courier for €51 Ireland and NI. (An extra special offer while stocks last, the 9 Volumes currently available plus any 1 of Anne's bigger books or of her DVDs by courier for €65)

Anne's Litte Heaven Speaks Booklets

Heaven speaks to those who fear Purgatory
Heaven speaks to Consecrated Souls
Heaven speaks to those who struggle to Forgive
Heaven speaks to those who have rejected God
Heaven speaks about Divorce
Heaven speaks about Prisoners
Heaven speaks to those who do not know Jesus
Heaven speaks to those who have rejected God
Heaven speaks to those considering Suicide
Heaven speaks about Stress
Heaven speaks to parents who worry about their children’s salvation
Heaven speaks to Soldiers
Heaven speaks about Depression
Heaven speaks to victims of Clerical Abuse
Heaven speaks about Addictions
Heaven speaks to those who experience tragedy
Heaven speaks to those away from the Church

Official price €2 each but on sale in God's Cottage for €1.50. By post, Ireland, €2.50 each, or if ordering other books by courier, the booklets are 1.50 each Ireland and N. Irl


Anne's Big Books and DVD's

"The Mist of Mercy" contains her visions of Purgatory and is quite moving. Our price €15. By Post Ireland €18.40. (But if ordering other books by courier from above, allow €7 for the courier charge and then the basic price of the books. (GB if you are happy to wait until we are posting the monthly Diary in N.I, allow £3.20 for post and then the basic price of books.)

The Mist of Mercy DVD, based on the book "The Mist of Mercy" again Anne's very consoling visions of Purgatory. Official price €14.95. Our price while stocks last €12.95

"Climbing the Mountain - Discovering your path to Holiness" It also contains Anne's visions of Heaven. Official price €19.95. Our price while stocks last €18. By post 21.40 Ireland and NI. (But if ordering other books by courier from above, allow €7 for the courier charge and then the basic price of the books)

Her "Heaven" DVD Official price €19.95. Our price while stocks last €16.90. By post €19.40 Ireland and N. Irl, (But if ordering other books by courier from above, allow €7 for the courier charge and then the basic price of the books and DVDs)

We also have 3 copies of "Lessons in Love" €15 each (By post 18.40) and 2 copies of Serving in Clarit y € 9 each. By post €12.40. (But if ordering other books by courier from above, allow €7 for the courier charge and then the basic price of the books and DVDs)


Books by Joyce Meyer at Special Offer

"You Can Begin Again"

One chapter is headed " Lies That Keep You Stuck"

In it she writes, "The wrong view of God will keep you stuck. Whether you're stuck in pain, dysfunction, loneliness, uncertainty, overwhelming debt, or fear, the devil will lie to you about God in order to keep you stuck in that place forever. The first lie we believe is that God is mad at us. We picture God sitting up in heaven frowning at our failure, like an intimidating Driver's Ed teacher who sighs loudly when you fail to parallel-park correctly.
The devil knows that if you fall for his lie that God is angry, and very disappointed with you, he can keep you from having a real relationship with God. You'll spend your days trying to earn God's approval or impress Him with your best actions. You'll get stuck in a religious, fear-based cycle and never experience the deep, abiding relationship God wants to have with you. And you certainly won't turn to the Lord when you find yourself unsure of where to go or what to do next. But look at what hebrews 4:16 says about how you can approach God:Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God's unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy (for our failures) and find grace to help in good time for every need (appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it).
Not only can you come to God when You're stuck, you can come to Him "fearlessly" and "confidently". You won't find a harsh, cruel, angry God; you'll find His "mercy" and "grace". He loves you, and He's waiting to help you in your time of need!
Another lie the devil will tell you is that you're on your own. He wants you to rely on yourself rather than on God, so he tries to get you to think that God has abandoned you. This is a lie that many buy into much too easily. It appeals to our independent nature, and we end up thinking things like, "I made my bed, now I've got to lie in it," or "Well, I made this mess, so I guess I've got to clean it up." And then we go about the pathetic process of self-improvement.
Now, I do believe that we should take steps to improve our lives, but these things never take the place of complete dependence on God. When we try to solve our problems independently from God, we're like children trying to clean up the spill before Mommy or Daddy sees it - we usually just make things worse.
Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the LOrd with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths."
Notice it doesn't say, "In a few of your ways acknowlege Him," and it doesn't say, "In most of your ways acknowledge Him." The word of God says, "In all your ways, know, recognize, and acknowledge Him."

That means nothing is off-limits. Good or bad, clean or dirty, lost or found, every part of your life can be given to God. You can trust Him with your life even when you're stuck in a situation and you're not sure how you got into it, and certainly don't know how to get out of it! Don't listen to the lies of the enemy. You don't have to hide from God out of fear that He is angry or disappointed, and you don't have to find a way to move forward in your own strength. You can trust God to show you the way."

"Though the story of Ruth began in sadness, it ends in great joy. In her new ife, Ruth meets a man named Boaz. Boaz is a kind man with great wealth, and he falls in love with Ruth. He provides for her and he protects her. The book of Ruth tells us that Boaz became a redeemer for Ruth. He paid a great price to build a new life for her - a life greater than anything she had imagined.
As you read these pages, I believe God wants to speak to you through the life of Ruth. Your struggle is real, and I know it hasn't been easy. No one would blame you if you stayed right where you are, letting life go by without you. Maybe an unexpected loss has stopped you in your tracks. Maybe a sudden life-change has you longing for the past. Maybe a broken relationship or an unexpected betrayal has you questioning everything you once believed to be true.
But you, like Ruth, have a choice to make today. You can stay stuck, dwelling on negative thoughts and living in worry and fear, or you can believe God has something greater for you. It's no accident you picked up this book; I believe that God is whispering to you right now. He wants you to know that your life isn't over. He has a plan and a purpose for you, and He wants you to discover a life greater than anything you could have imagined. I recently heard someone say, "If you're not dead, then you're not done!" Why not claim today as a day of new beginnings!
Ruth's life is more than a good story; it's God's message to anyone who needs to begin again. Boaz is a foreshadow of Jesus. Just as Ruth became Boaz's wife, the Word says we are the Bride of Christ (Revelation 22:17). Just as Boaz gave Ruth a new life, the word says that we have a new life in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Just as Ruth was redeemed, the Word says that we are also redeemed (Galatians 3:13).

"No matter what wrong you have done, or what wrong thing has happened to you, God sees you right where you are, and He is your Redeemer. He's making a new way for you. If you'll reject the lies of the enemy, ignore the judgement of others, and put away your own fears and worries, you'll hear the voice of God today. It's not a shout, and it's not a lecture. It's a whisper. A whisper that says, Don't worry. It's not too late. You can begin again."
Only 5 copies of "You Can Begin Again" left on 30:7:2020. Official price is €22. But we have it on special offer for €17.90. By post Ireland €20.30. If you are getting a number of books by courier, the courier charge is €7, and then the basic price of the books.





More Book Offers will be added to this page regularly over the next months

To get your books by Courier - Ireland and N. Ireland

Books over 500 gramme, the postage is c9.00, but they can be sent by courier for c4.50.  One can get a pack 4 books by courier for the c4.50 (c6 if more than 4) PLUS the basic price of the books; Phone number and eircode required.

Great Britain (except N.Irl)
Postage is c2.20 dearer than to Ireland  unless posted when posting C. Diary. The monthly Curate's Diary for the UK is posted in Northern Ireland, and when sending it up to Northern Ireland, I can also send parcels for the UK and then the UK postal rates apply

The courier charge to Britain is c12.50



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